Stockholm-headquartered Hexicon, which develops floating offshore wind farms and designs patented dual turbine floating wind power platforms, has formed a 50-50 joint venture with Bologna-based clean energy developer Avapa Energy to develop offshore floating wind farms for Italy.


The new joint venture is called AvenHexicon, and it will identify sites for floating wind farms and initiate permit processes. It will use Hexicon’s floating platforms with tilted towers (pictured above), and also encourage other developers to use the dual wind turbines.

Hexicon chief executive Marcus Thor said [via Renews.biz]:

An important part of our business model is to enter new and promising markets as early as possible and to establish both our project development skills and technology together with local partners.

We have found a perfect partner in Avapa Energy, and with AvenHexicon we are looking forward to support Italy in its expansion of fossil-free electricity production.

Floating offshore wind farms are more appropriate than fixed offshore wind farms for Italy due to deep seas.

Italy currently has no operating offshore wind farms, but its national wind energy association Anev has set a target of five gigawatts of floating offshore wind for the country by 2040.

Market intelligence company 4COffshore reports:

Italy has 55 offshore wind farm projects of which none [are] currently operating, none where construction has progressed enough to connect the turbines and generate electricity, 1 [is] in the build phase, and 1 [is] either consented or [has] applied for consent.

Italy’s recovery and resilience plan devotes 37% of total expenditure on measures that support climate objectives, reported the European Commission in June.

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